KTM Holiday Services

Luxury Train Travel

Impress your stylish travel on The Golden Rose where the interior design and ambiance will makes you feel travelling like VIP.

The Saloon Coach offers :

  • 2 guest rooms with double decker beds per room
  • 1 master room with king size bed attach with a toilet
  • Sharing bathroom for guests
  • LED TV and dry-kitchen. with VIP-style service

Term And Condition

  • Managed train travel for groups from 120 or more
  • Organizing press conferences on trains
  • Train theming and decoration for your meeting / conference

Who hires Saloon Car

  • Heads of state - and of families
  • VIPs and celebrities
  • Travel organizers for private and corporate clients
  • Marketing, PR and film location agencies
  • Associations and charities
  • Artists, writers and other creative
  • Anyone requiring a high level of privacy